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Video ads
Video ads
WMGroup offers all-rolls and overlays to:
  • United States inventory
  • Russia
  • EU countries
  • Countries of Asia and Latin America
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Display ads
Display ads
Depending on your website’s user’s country, our system (under the regime of RTB) finds the most effective instrument of monetization for the said user. This process fosters larger income. WMGroup’s key advantage is our work in global markets.
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Google DFP
Google DFP
Discover one of the most popular ad servers in the world. Check out the benefits of Google DFP.
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Obtaining extensive experience in the European and Asian markets over the years, WMGroup is ready to widen its services to Ukraine. We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our new office, located in Kyiv.
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Video ads
Video content monetization
WMG monetizes video content successfully due to:
  • Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls and overlays availability
  • VAST and VPAID standards support
  • Flash player and HTML5 integration
Online games monetization
Basic gaming platform requirements:
  • Flash and ActionScript 3 gaming platform type
  • Ability to integrate Google IMA SDK3
  • 4 to 3 or 16:9 aspect ratio of the gaming window
  • 400x200 minimum size of the gaming window
Mobile applications monetization
Monetize your mobile traffic and mobile applications with WMG. Do you have a mobile app with video content? Install our SDK - Monetize your mobile applications more efficiently.
Hundred millions advertising campaigns impressions in a single system
Display ads
Guaranteed revenue for each ad display, regardless of the clicks number
The ability to sell impressions at your price. Set up the price for your resource - monetize it effectively
The ability to block inefficient advertisers
Install up to 5 ad units per page
Access to advertisers at such advertising networks as:
Ability to set up a price for 1000 impressions manually allows sites to get a guaranteed higher CPM. Thus, if earlier CPM = x $, then with WMG CPM = x $ + y $, where y $ - recommended by WMG experts as an additional rate.
Connection to the Ad server Google DFP
WMG provides consulting on how to connect to the ad server Google DFP
Vitaly Kustov (CEO (CEO
WMG - one of the few companies that is not "leaves without figs" and helps Internet users objectively. Thanks to the professionals from WMG "The phrase" edition managed to get "unbanned" from Google Adsense. Moreover, guys from WMG helped to boost our profitability. Well, thank you! At this uneasy time, you do the right thing.
Dmitry Snigir (Head of media department)
I want to thank WMG for the quality, transparency and honesty. It is a pleasure to work with partners focused on the win-win result concept.
Artem Bachinsky (CEO
After work with WMG the revenue of my resource has been increased by 30%. I recommend WMG as a reliable tool for international traffic monetization.